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  • Signaling equipment used to announce the presence of a work zone and to indicate to the road users the direction of the bypass lane.
  • Its rugged construction meets specifications dictated by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, paragraph 4.37.1, VOLUME V.


  • Robust power cable with flexible sheath for easy installation
  • The standard cable length is 20 feet, however if the cable length is not suitable for a particular installation, it can be modified on request
  • Continuous light source with 14 optical blocks
  • Choice of LED or Halogen lamps
  • Halogen lamp option: 11W per lamp
  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes) option for better performance and reduced energy consumption
  • LED units are equipped with an integrated current controller to maintain constant brightness in a voltage range between 10 and 18Vdc
  • Made of weather-resistant plastic