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  • The BENNESECURTM is a safety device that activate a warning light and a buzzer at a specific speed while the dump bed is up. The device takes a reading of the vehicle speed either by can bus or GPS. We use a proximitysensor that work with any kind of metal including aluminum to detect the dump bed. The BENNESECURETM complies with the SAAQ decree 408-2019. The speed and other options can be modified on demand.
  • The installation is easy and can be done within 2 hours (standard dump truck)


  • Complies with the SAAQ decree 408-2019 (12 Km/h) also available with a 5 Km/h limit.
  • Easy Installation with the harness and connectors included
  • Warning light and buzzer included
  • Recognition of the speed by using many different options:
    - Can bus J1939, OBD2, RP1226 & more.
    - GPS
  • Detection of the dump bed by using proximity sensor:
    - No maintenance needed
    - Works perfectly in the dust, rain or snow (IP67 certified)
    - Will detect any kind of metal including aluminum.
  • Available for all kind of dump trucks:
    - Standard dump truck
    - Semi-trailer end dump truck
    - Dump truck + pup trailer


Operating Voltage: 10 à 16 Vdc
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F)
Maximum current: Dump bed close: 4mA; Dump bed up: 140mA
Outputs: 2 outputs of 12 V (1A)
Inputs: 4 inputs of 12V (10mA)