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  • Here comes the HORIZONTM traffic stick with a brand-new design and a more powerful light output. You can choose from several length options.
  • A traffic stick is ideal when you are exposed to potential hazards from other vehicles. It will clearly tell the traffic to slow down and move over.
  • Its design exceeds SAE J845 Class I standards.


  • Multi-voltage input: 12 to 24Vdc
  • Up to 49 flash patterns (WARNING) / 16 flash patterns (TRAFFIC ADVISOR)
  • Single or Dual-color light head available. (Dual Color on special order only)
  • Steady Burn mode as Full Flood or Scene light.
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up
  • Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for internal or external use
  • Comes with 15 foot of wire for
  • Color available: Amber (Red, Blue, White on special order only)

Operating Voltage: 12Vdc
Maximum Current: 6 Heads = 3.6A at 12Vdc; 8 Heads = 4.8A at 12Vdc; 10 Heads = 6A at 12Vdc
Maximum Power: 6 Heads = 43.2W at 12Vdc; 8 Heads = 57.6W at 12Vdc; 10 Heads = 72W at 12Vdc
Fuse Recommended: 7A