RANDY II FCC, Portable AM / FM CB from President Electronics with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

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   This is the first Portable AM / FM CB Radio to hit the market since the FM mode has been authorized.  The Randy II FCC from President Electronics is a Game Changer in the industry, it is compact, lightweight, rechargeable thanks to it's Lithium-Ion Battery and all the features of a full sized CB with the functionality and form factor of portable UHF/VHF radios including compatibility with external speaker/mic/ptt and Automatic Squelch Control.


- 40 channels AM / FM
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and Automatic Squelch Control  
- Multi-functions LCD display
- Frequencies display
- S-meter
- ANL, NB, HI-CUT filters
- Compander
- Scan
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Weather channel with Alert
- Dual watch
- Tone
- Noise Gate
- Monitor
- Key locking
- Preset channel programmable (EMG 1 & 2)
- Eco mode
- External microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack
- Flashlight
- Battery : Lithium-Ion

Backlight color:

Red Green Blue Cyan Yellow Magenta light blue

Manual: Randy II FCC v1.06 (Français / Português)

Manual: Randy II FCC v1.06 (English / Español)

 ASC VOX Built In RoHS2

2+3 years warranty

The acquiring of a PRESIDENT antenna offers to your CB PRESIDENT Radio an extra warranty of 3 years, or a total of 5 years (See 2+3 years warranty)